SFI Nigeria Benefit Plan.

Building your own community of affiliates is a guaranteed way of earning income for life. Each person you register with SFI under you becomes a potential life-time customer to you. You earn from them any time they purchase or sale SFI products or services. Below are various ways you can make money in SFI.

1. Referral Benefits

1.1. First Generation Referral Income;

When anyone subscribes for any of the SFI’s “Smart Start Packages”, the person will become an Affiliate of SFI Nigeria, the Affiliate will earn 30% on each subscription of every new member who joins SFI Affiliate Program directly under him/her.

1.2. Second Generation Referral Income;

When any Affiliate under you (your First Generation Affiliate) generates a new Affiliate under him/her, you will receive 20% of the subscription fee.

1.3. Third Generation Referral Income;

When your second generation Affiliate generates a new Affiliate under him/her, you will receive 10% of the subscription amount.

1.4. One Star Executive Reward.

When an affiliate developed 14 Affiliate under him/her, he will become 1 Star Master. A 1 Star Master will receive 0.4% of the the share of the Group Executive Reserve.

1.5. Two Star Master Reward.

An Affiliate who developed 14 One Star Master will receive 0.3% share of the Group Executive Reserve.

1.6. Three Star Master Reward

When a Two Star Master developed 14 Three Star Master under him/her, he/she will receive 0.2% share of the Group Executive Reserve.

1.7. Grand Master Reward.

When a Three Star Master developed 14 Three Star Master, he/she will receive 0.1 share of the entire Group Executive Reserve.

2. Sales Commission

2.1. You receive 40% of the retail profit on every commission-able product you sold.

2.2. You receive 5% on all your first generation sales.

2.3. You receive 2% on all your second generation sales.

2.4. You receive 1% on all your third generation sales.

2.5. You get paid 0.1% on your forth to six generation downlines sales once you become an Executive Affiliate.

Your earnings are unlimited or endless. Every Smart Start Package is recyclable. However, an Affiliate cannot have two accounts, but can renew or recycle each Package as many times as he or she wants. Click on each package link to view the income analysis for each Smart Start package.