Smart Start Tutorial, Lesson 3(1)

Welcome to SFI NIGERIA “Smart Start Tutorial”,  Lesson 3(1). 

Building A Team Of Affiliates (Part 1)

In our last lesson, Smart Start Tutorial Lesson 2 , we discussed about Smart Start Packages. In today’s lesson we will focus on how you can make money by building your own TEAM of Affiliates

Building your own team of Affiliates is very important to achieving success in SFI.  Here’s why: 

It doesn’t matter how intelligent, rich, energetic, or dynamic you are—we are all limited to the same 24 hours a day. By inviting and registering other affiliates under you, you will start creating an empire of great business partners who will be working with you. By sponsoring, you can essentially clone yourself and have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people all working indirectly on your behalf on their time—and you receive a percentage of their sales or puchases! 

Sponsoring affiliates also builds security for your business. Why? In most traditional businesses, what happens if you become ill or disabled and are unable to service your customers? Or perhaps you just want to take a vacation. Whatever the case, you could lose most, if not all, of your income overnight because it relies on you being there. That’s not owning your own life, and that’s certainly not financial freedom! 

Through the process of sponsoring affiliates, however, you can create total financial freedom for yourself. When you’ve sponsored your own team of independent business people, you no longer have all your eggs in one basket. On the contrary, because each person on your team has a vested interest in continuing and building his or her own businesses, you create an income that is not dependent upon you—an income that can continue, even grow, indefinitely, with or WITHOUT you! 

Now read the above three paragraphs again, and make sure it sinks in, because it is one of THE most important things you’ll ever learn at SFI.  Build a team, and you’ll build success.  Don’t ever forget this.  And always keep team building amongst your highest priorities! 

Building a Team is very simple. Every one needs money. Out there people are looking for opportunities like SFI. All you need is to identify those who actually need money and inform them about SFI.

These days, many are very sceptical about networking business, so you must understand the basic different between SFI and MLM or Networking Busines. Let them understand that SFI is very different from MLM. SFI operates ecommerce Business using Affiliate Program as it’s marketing model.

Here in SFI,  There is no obligation to buy or sell products if you don’t want. 

It cost very little amount to join and you can also join it FREE. 

It does not require any qualifications to participate.

The most important task is to promote our products and services to your social audience via various social platforms.  Your earnings are unlimited.  Once you are able to educate yourself with these facts, you can win the hearts of your prospects. If you are new, you can connect them with our Business Coaches near them to handle them on your behalf.  Remember that money is in the Number. The more Affiliates that join your team, the more money you earn. There is no limit to your earnings. 

Also know that SFI runs a generational Affiliates program. However, once you have 14 directly sponsored Affiliates, you will be recognized as A Team Master with special award. 

Start immediately building your own Team of Affiliates and earn commission for life. Your success is in your HAND. 

Thanks and watch out for the next lesson. Success to you all.   


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